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How a solution for thin yoga wear was revealed, while keeping consumers concealed.

The recent boom in the popularity of yoga has resulted in the growing demand for thinner, more lightweight yoga apparel which gives students maximum flexibility and comfort during yoga activities. However, as textile designers push the boundaries of fabric performance, new challenges specific to fabric transparency have arisen, leading to concerns among consumers about privacy and ultimately impacting the reputation of respected brands.

Facing complaints that their new sheer yoga fabrics, while extremely lightweight and flexible, were revealing more then appropriate, one manufacturer set out to solve the problem by testing out alternative fabric structures. After more then a year of unsuccessful efforts, the manufacture contacted Pailung’s Open Innovation Lab for extensive collaboration. After only two weeks of explorative collaboration with Open Innovation Lab, the manufacture was able to produce an innovative new textile solution for yoga apparel use.

The solution, which involved creating a new fabric technology, altered the original yarn structure in a way that both blocked light and transparency while retaining fabric flexibility and sheer. This new fabric technology has since been adopted by one of the world’s leading yoga apparel brands.

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